Saturday, January 01, 2005

Programming Fonts

On a lighter note, Coding Horror has an article about Progamming Fonts, giving a set of examples.

Personally I like the look of ProFont, so I'll give that a spin for a while.

[EDIT: I've investigated these and on reflection I really like Proggy Clean (slashed zeroes).]


  1. Anonymous5:55 pm

    I can't say I've considered it too much, because I've been pretty satisfied with the default font in Dreamweaver and Visual Basic 6 (when I use it). I will say, though, that the default Lucida Console font in Notepad these days drives me up the wall! It should never have been changed from Fixedsys, which is eminently more readable than Lucida, whose apparent anemia with sprouting off-shoots is just mind-boggling!

    Having just seen the programming font "conceived by programmers, to help programmers", I guess I was a little too harsh on Lucida Console. That font is utterly ridiculous! Still, I wish Microsoft could have just left Notepad alone!

    Marc Fearby (Australia)

  2. Marc,

    Thanks for chipping in! Oloron Program is truly hideous {shudder}, there is no other word for it.

    Visual Studio's default font (whatever it is) hasn't bothered me either, but I've been doing a lot of MS Access 2000 and Microsoft T-SQL coding recently, and ProFont let me do it at a smaller font size nicely. The only hassle was it put some of my tabbing out in T-SQL.

    It also helped that I got a new monitor that wasn't fuzzy ...