Wednesday, February 23, 2005

3M Security Glass Ad

From the Signal vs. Noise blog comes the 3M Security Glass ad. magine a bunch of US dollars in between two glass panes ... now click on that link and go see them!

I love the fact that they're standing behind their product, but I can't help but suspect that some other security measures are being taken to keep that cash safe (and are those all US$1 bills?).

EDIT: OK, apparently they did have a security guard present, they let people have a go at breaking in - but only with their feet, and the money was fake, except for the top layer. It was a stunt they pulled in Vancouver.


  1. Interesting to hear an Australian response to something that a company based near my home did in Vancouver. Kind of an English-speaking-peoples thing, I guess. Although we are ex-British colonists, you chaps are still loyal members of Ye Commonwealthe, bless the Queen's heart. Still, three cheers for Australia, Aussies, the Anzacs, The Dish, and those three new air-defence destroyers you lads are working on.

  2. Thanks Charles, the internet really does make the world a smaller place. If you liked The Dish, then I can suggest you have a look for The Castle - it is a wonderfully funny, self-deprecating parody of Aussie culture.

    FWIW, I live in Toronto for 18 months when I was in primary school. I've got some great memories of snow-filled winters and sunny summers.

  3. Thanks, Falkayn, I'll be sure to look for "The Castle."