Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Soccer Sucks, Bring on the Rugby!

I can't believe how Australia was sent out of World Cup 2006 by a lousy referee decision (it was a certainty that Italy could put the penalty away). At first I blamed Lucas Neill, then Grosso for his artistic 'dive', then the ref, then finally FIFA. Finally I realised who the real culprit was ... soccer itself is to blame. Check out the end of the Italy vs Australia match:

Italy vs Australia - World Cup 2006

Not only is the game far too slow (although Australia made even that interesting), but the scoring methods are far too hard, leading to low scorelines and games that are decided far too much by luck, and the ref's decisions, than by preparation, strategy, or actual play on the day.

Personally, I find rugby union to be a far more exciting game, with a greater degree of preparation and strategy required (which probably contributes to rugby's 'minnows' finding it so hard to compete).

Finally, compare the huge rugby (union and league) tackles in the video below with the pathetic play-acting of Grosso above.

Huge Rugby Tackles

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