Saturday, June 24, 2006

Why so quiet?

Things have been quiet here in Falkayn-land. Mainly that's been because I started a new role around the middle of March, and between the hectic work to get finished where I was and the hectic work to get caught up where I am, plus some really hairy end-of-financial-year stuff at the new place, I've been busy.

I;ve also got less access to the internet than I did before, specifically to my GMail account, so a lot of my home time on the computer gets spent clearing my email.

Is Cattle Dog dead? Well, not quite, but in its current form, yes. The good news is that I will focus this blog more on Web 2.0 stuff, and restrict my private posts to my game/fun blog, Infini-nut.


  1. Looking forward to hearing more on Web 2.0 etc from you Angus!

  2. Thanks James! I hope to get more of my thoughts on the subject out there too!