Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fairfax Media make online mistakes too!

To be fair to the guys, they are not the only ones putting bloopers on their website. Fairfax Media have launched a new website, and are offering the chance to win a Space Adventures sub-orbital flight. The interesting point here is the Terms and Conditions page for the competition which has a few editing notes left in the text (highlighted below):
“5. To enter entrants must make, or their homepage and send the competition page on to three other people [ do they have to do anything?]. The entrant must also register his or her details, and click the submit button at the end of the entry form to lodge the entry.”
“• 2 x breakfast, lunch and dinner for five days from arrival date at flight base to departure date (dates to be confirmed), but not before 1 January 2008 and not after 31 December 2001m [what date should this be?].”
Clearly we can understand that people need to question these items during the production of the competition website, but to let such glaring errors slip into the live pages is very sloppy, particularly as the date error actually makes it impossible for people to validly take the flight prize! (at least you can still just take the cash ...)

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