Sunday, April 27, 2008

Do you know your IDE?

Had a great Code Camp Oz session this morning from Mahesh Krishnanm about shortcuts in the Visual Studio IDE. Unfortunately his presentation was biased towards C# (which was probably good for the audience there). Fortunately the VB team blog has some great Did You Know posts that explain new Visual Studio features for VB2008. Check them out, there are some great ones there, like the ability to bring back snippet highlighting when you want to edit the snippet.


  1. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Most of the tips/shortcuts I showed could be used both for C# and VB.NET, although I have to admit that I was partial to C# :)

    Having said that, there were a couple of of VB specific tips (such as its superior code snippets) I wanted to show...but I ran out of time :( - well, that's my excuse anyway :)

  2. Mahesh,

    Well, you only had that half hour to show us everything funky in Visual Studio 2008, so it's little surprise you couldn't cover everything.

    Thanks for what you did cover, I learnt some interesting stuff anyway!