Saturday, July 17, 2004

Hi, I'm Eric and I'll be your software developer this evening

Eric Lippert also has a great post about taking the blame for something you have done wrong. He credits his willingness to publicly do this on his father's restaurant business background, which made him teach his sons that how you deal with a mistake is almost as important as not making them.

From the self-analysis I've been doing as part of my personal Good.Bad.Like.Dislike* analysis I think this is a lesson I need to go through once more.

* Good.Bad.Like.Dislike is a tool my father uses to help people re-focus their efforts to better align their aspirations with their expectations. I might blog about this one day (or not ;-).

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  1. Madness! - The most valuable commodity in the workplace is vapour. If your made of it, nothing sticks. It describes the most complex solution and offers a wonderful method of apportioning blame to the person immediately behind you. The accusation goes straight through and hits the over zealous moron who has been tring to frame you for their overwhelming intellectual disparity.