Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Review: Troy

Top of the head rating: 3/5

I went to see Troy the other night, my wife graciously allowing me the time alone as we didn't have a babysitter. It was an ... okay ... movie, not great, but it didn't suck the way I thought it might have.

Good bits: Brad Pitt as Achilles (no really!), Eric Bana as Hector (oozes determination), Sean Bean as Odysseus (bit young, but believably cunning) and Brian Cox as Agamemnon (he's always good at evil, especially since Rob Roy).

Bad bits: Troy looks like it's made out of cardboard and foam, everywhere else looks small like a TV set. None of the women seemed real, although Rose Byrne is attractive enough. Also, they mutilated the plot, with lots of events happening out of order, or at the wrong place.

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