Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Occupational Adventure

Curt Rosengren's blog The Occupational Adventure (sm) has a lot of worthwhile things to say about career passion, and life in general.

One recent post titled Success through setting process goals, covers the idea of making the perfection of the process our goal (a process goal), rather than just having the end result as a goal (a product goal).

He brings this to bear on how to get the career of your dreams (something I'm thinking about now as my retrenchment goes into effect next week).
What kinds of process goals could you set to achieve the career of your dreams? How can you be in the moment and keep your eye on the map?
I'm wondering again where my focus should be. By reviewing potential career paths through that lense of my strengths and weaknesses, like and dislikes I feel I can get where I want to be. So for me the process goal is to be as real and honest as possible with myself in this process, so that I get the most accurate view I can of where I can go from here.

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