Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Snowy Software - Software Asset Management Tools

Our new endeavour, Snowy Software, is an ecommerce website with a range of great software asset management tools (stuff that does software audits, license management, usage tracking/metering and software deployment administration).

There is even a FREE 30-day trial (yes, free as in beer) available for most of the products. Also check out what we are doing with Cattle Dog, especially our new IT asset management blog, the Round Up!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Political Islam

In reading Wikipedia tonight I found myself learning about the difference between Islamist and Islamic. Basically the former is a political movement holding that Islam is not just the ideal religion but also the ideal political system for governing the state. Most Muslims are NOT Islamist, but Islamic.

Having said that, there is also an interesting online website called NO to Political Islam Petition, which attracts signatures as a way of showing disagreement with the Islamist principles. If you are Muslim then I invite you to do so, if not, then you might want to visit them and see what they are about anyway.

For some reason the world seems a brighter place for knowing this - although I feel foolish for not having done the research myself after 9/11.

UPDATE: The International Crisis Group has an interesting article called Islamism, Violence and Reform that points out that Islamism is not a unified movement, especially amongst Sunni supporters of it. Again, worthwhile reading.