Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Back Again Checked out the Where Is Raed? site today ... it's interesting getting a civilian bloggers viewpoint of the war in Iraq.

I guess I should state my position on the war in Iraq ...

In my opinion, given what I currently know about the war, the current Iraqi regime and politics:

* The war is just, if only because it was previously found to be so, and this is a logical continuation of the previous war (with appropriate time and grace given to the Iraqi regime to "do the right thing" with regards to WMD and weapons inspections).

* France and Russia have many oil related reasons to want to prevent the war (not to mention possible illegal supply of Russian military technology/engineers?). Therefore, I find myself personally discounting their vetoes as politicking in order to further their economic ties with Iraq.

* The US, Britain and Australia all seem to have good reasons for going to war, and few (if any!) reasons for doing so, other than that it is a just war.

* If the war must be fought, then it must be fought properly - and not by pandering to the needs of the international media for a good story to justify their 24 hour "rolling news feeds". I can stand not hearing about it for a week if it helps the military do their job right.

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