Friday, February 17, 2006

Find Music You'll Love - Free at Pandora

One of the nicer Web2.0 tools I've come across recently is Pandora, a free online music streaming tool. You can use it to create your own 'radio stations' based upon music you like. So my Nickelback radio station is very different to my Jamiroquai one. You can rate the songs it picks for you and help it choose better music for you, or leave it alone and let it play away in the background.

At the moment you can play with it for a while for free, and then you need to register to use it. The free version is ad-supported, but the ads are visual only, so that's not too bad. There is a paid version that can be used without ads, and that can even be linked to other devices than your web browser, like your home stereo.

You can also put a create station box like the one below for people to try it out themselves, have a go!

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