Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blogger gets a facelift!

Well, I may need to eat my words about Blogger's gluggy feature set, because there is a new version of Blogger in Beta (ahhh ... how Web 2.0 of them). Straight from the horse's mouth:
“Today we're launching a new version of Blogger in beta! You've been asking for ways to do more with your blog, and you can with this new release.”
If you want to see it in action, you simply need to go to http://beta.blogger.com/. Anyone can create a new blog on the beta service, although you will need a Google account to do so - also, the blogs are still hosted on blogspot.com, so you get the usual scarcity of good names.

Key differences include:
  • Post labels (Google's name for tags)
  • UI improvements, especially on the dashboard
  • A move to "Layouts" instead of "Templates"
  • Database driven pages, rather than static ones manually re-published*
* Whilst this is a great way of removing the horrid wait for something to publish on your blog, it does not help performance. I hope that Google have been looking to “design their on-demand systems for peak load, not average load” (as per Dave Stephens' suggestion).

Most of the new stuff is laid out in the new features tour, as well as screenshots and descriptions at the Google Operating System blog.

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