Monday, September 04, 2006

Do Web 2.0 thingies increase sales?

“the web 2.0 thing you built me didn't actually increase sales...”

Care of Hugh.

Scoble's not sure that they do (yet). I'm pretty sure that it might be the latest fashion to have a Web 2.0 front-end (and good design), but it certainly does NOT guarantee sales.


  1. Anonymous2:56 pm

    They absolutely do! They are great for viral marketing. They allow marketers to collect data that they would not otherwise obtain and they reduce acquicision cost. They allow marketers to reach more prospects/customers at a lower cost.

  2. Pedro,

    Thanks for the comment, but this just reminds me; Don't trust vendors.

    Half the problem is defining what is Web 2.0? The other half is working out whether having some 'thingie' that qualifies as Web 2.0 is actually a useful attribute for your product.

    If your product or service does not directly benefit from network effects, then you're likely to be wasting your time. It also doesn't mean a lot if the message that consumers give each other is negative.

    In terms of the collection of marketing data, nothing in Web 2.0 is targeted at this ... but I can imagine building it in ... but then again, I can imagine using those in a Web 1.0 website too.