Tuesday, March 06, 2007

News.com.au loses the plot (again!)

I don't know what is going wrong with News.com.au, but someone certainly seems to be screwing up big time there. Here is the RSS news feed I saw on my morning scan of what's up:

Naturally my eye was drawn to the words in uppercase, "DON'T PUBLISH". Oops, this looks like someone got something into the RSS feed that should not have been there. When I clicked on the link, I expected to get one of their blank pages like I have before.

Imagine my surprise then when I see an entire article, with the same uppercase warning in its title:

Looking at the article in more detail it seems to have been posted at midnight tonight, a good 15 hours from now. The 'news' in question is the results of a survey News.com.au ran on their site, actually one I took part in myself. Releasing it early is just a silly mistake, but I would have thought their CMS would have made this really hard to do.

UPDATE: OK, this is getting silly, can you spot the typo in the first paragraph of this news story?

UPDATE 2: It seems that News.com.au has seen fit to release the story this morning, with a different headline ("Most Australians think they're fat" instead of "Body image story - DON'T PUBLISH"), and an updated byline ("By Lisa Bjorksten" instead of "By Jonathon Abbott"). Lisa writes for their Fashion blog, so she's probably the real author of the piece. I notice the old article is still up however ...

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