Friday, June 15, 2007

Pete McBreen on the current state of software development

Pete McBreen shares his thoughts on the current state of software development with As well as disliking ravioli documentation (just add water to the API code) he has the following spot-on summation to make:
“The things that have gone unchanged are as depressing as ever. Managers and organizations still undervalue experience, fail to understand that complex projects are impossible to estimate up front, and are just as resistant to new technology and process ideas as they ever were. I am still seeing people with 15+ years of experience opting out of development, leaving massive holes in organizations because there is nobody left who understands how their entire suite of systems works together. These things might be good from a consulting standpoint, but from the viewpoint of employees and customers, all I see is rising frustration and stress because the systems are becoming more and more rigid and fragile.”

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