Wednesday, August 08, 2007

KEVIN07 - update

Thanks again to everyone who commented on my original KEVIN07 post. The newsfeeds are full of interesting points of view about the site:

For a start I think it's un-Australian to shorten Kevin Rudd's name to just Kevin. No, it needs to become the truly iconic Kev for him to have a real chance to win the election in 2007.

Anyway, back to the commentary:

Craig Sherborne at the Herald Sun points out the American elements in the site:
“Lashings of American-style red, white and blue, which are also Labor Party colours, create a bold backdrop for video links and a quick, simple manifesto for hot topics from job security to climate change.”
The Herald Sun also wonders where the KEVIN07 t-shirts are made:
“Kevin Rudd's "prototype" campaign T-shirts may have been made in the sweatshops of Asia.

A "Kevin07" T-shirt obtained by the Herald Sun had its label cut out.

A Labor spokesman could not rule out that it had been made overseas. ”
NineMSN have attracted hundreds of user comments about the KEVIN07 website. Most pointed was this one:
“Hypocrisy best describes this lastest stunt. Kevin Rudd is my local member and before he became opposition leader I sent an email for him to address some issues on my behalf...........I am still waiting for a reply!!!!!”
Finally, Lachlan Connor (independent for Victoria) gave us the following hacked image of Kev and his crew:

I'm looking forward to more good parody images coming out over the next week or so ... mind you being parodied and made fun of never did John Howard any harm, so it may all come good for Kev in the end.

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