Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Modern heraldic eye candy

From the fertile marketing minds at Toyota comes Scion Speak, a website promoting the Scion brand. The site is fairly simply and flash heavy, the main aim of it is to give Scion enthusiasts (or anyone really) a way of creating an eye-catching heraldic symbol with modern iconography, such as the one I did below:

Falkayn Scion Crest

It's great fun, and likely to lead to a lot of buzz amongst the right people. From a technical standpoint it's a little weird that they chose to output the results in JPEG format (GIF would have been far smaller for this sort of image).

In mine I used the circuit board wings to represent my background in computers, the phoenix represents Falkayn, the glasses are for Angus and the burger is for my last name ... of course!

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