Thursday, August 05, 2004

Review: The Chronicles of Riddick

Top of the head rating: 4/5 (probably 5/5 on DVD)

Some mates and I went and saw The Chronicles of Riddick on Tuesday night. I had researched the film extensively on the internet, and so had a pretty good idea that the editing would leave something to be desired ...

This film is a great example of a good science-fiction film, one where the story and the characters are as interesting as the special effects and the alien environment.

Good bits: The action rocks and is involving, but like many moder movies where it is too fast and furious the director helps by distancing you from the action. The style of the film is great, and the difference between the Necros' gothic look, the mercs/prison look and the Helion Prime look is believable and consistent. The end of the film brings to mind great scenes from Conan stories, with the barbarian become king of the evil empire.

Bad bits: Some of the editing is clumsy, and it looks like the bits that were done to get it an 'M' rating in Australia. From what I had heard on the web, I knew that they had ripped out bits of the action for censors in the US, and then had ripped out bits of the story when test audiences said it was too dull without those action bits. There are a few parts of the film that show this; like Riddick's escape from the Necros' mothership; and where Riddick is talking without looking at the camera - which indicates they are using a previously non-talking shot to convey information lost when they made their cut.

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