Friday, February 08, 2008

My coding themes

Scott Hanselman posted some samples of various developer's coding themes and asked people to link to their own, so here is mine.

This is how C# code looks, I couldn't find any snappy looking VB code to post that wasn't live code I couldn't share, so I took a snapshot of our internal code generator's code:

ASPX files look slightly different, and as I spend a lot of time coding them it's important to get those looking good too:

I spend a fair chunk of time going into SQL Management Studio, so I figured I needed to theme that in a similar fashion:

In Visual Studio 2008 I'm using the Consolas font, set to 11pt in size. My aim with these themes was to get something where I had nothing too high contrast, but I could clearly tell the difference at a glance between a string and a comment, or an XML comment.

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