Saturday, April 26, 2008

Photos from Code Camp Oz

There are some great photos from CCOz on Flickr. I even managed to find one on Mitch's blog that showed me ... I'm the bloke slouching inside the big yellow ellipse (thanks to the Expression Design eval I picked up).



It has been great meeting so many friendly and helpful people and Twitter has had some very lively threads on it. If you want to check out what is happening realtime (or afterwards), look for the ccoz tag on Hashtags.

Jeff Wharton challenged me to do a presentation myself, I guess because of my smart aleck comments from the peanut gallery. I'd like to do one on XML literals in VB9 having just spent the last month working on our branching pathways diagram code for Elcom's Learning Management System and being up to my elbows in it (and Prototype).

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