Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sydney disaster data simply rehashed 2004 research

The NSW State government has been caught red-handed recycling their climate data. Apparently yesterday's 'exclusive' for the Daily Telegraph was simply the re-hash of a bunch of numbers from a 2004 report.
“Dr Preston said details specifically relating to Sydney had been extracted from the 2004 study and republished this week in what he described as "a brochure". Similar brochures, also based on the 2004 study, were being prepared for all NSW's water catchment areas. "There is no new research in this," he said.

Mr Iemma later acknowledged the data had been released in September 2004 by his predecessor, Bob Carr, and that the latest report was a "new cut" of Dr Preston's work.

"Well, this new cut looks at Sydney," he said. "This further analysis is confirmation that we don't need to be looking for the impact, it's here. Hence my call for a national summit and a national action plan."

The Opposition environment spokesman, Michael Richardson, called the report a "stunt" and said the Government should introduce stricter renewable energy targets.”
So this was just a publicity stunt that the Daily Telegraph fell for, and now their rival paper the Sydney Morning Herald has uncovered?

They put the boot into Premier Morris Iemma in a related story.

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